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5 Pieces To Take You From Beach To Bar

5 Pieces To Take You From Beach To Bar

It’s the classic summer conflict… you’ve enjoyed a long day at the beach, fresh-faced, salt in your hair, and before you know it you’re supposed to be meeting friends out! This summer, make the most of everyone’s favourite season with these tips on how to take yourself from the beach to bar in no time! 

1. That’s a wrap

Just as you’re wrapping up your glorious day at the beach, throw on an elegant wrap over your beach dress! This extra element will spruce up your casual beach dress, taking your look from cute to chic.

2. Tight buns

Never underestimate the refinement suggested by a smooth, tight, top bun! This works best with wet hair, and all you need is a comb and a hair tie. Easy! Make sure you comb out all the bumps, twist your pony and tie her up. Ta-da, you’re ready for a night out!

3. Add some height

After digging your toes in sand all day, the thought of throwing on a wedge or a fancy heel should not be unwelcomed! No matter how many hours you’ve spent frolicking around the beach, a strappy heel or a thick wedge will automatically glam you up.

4. Make a statement

Straight off the sand, a statement piece of jewellery like a thick necklace or big chunky earrings can do the trick – and so easy to bring along in your beach tote! Try a ring and a necklace (but don’t go too overboard; too much bling won’t match your subtle beach waves!).

5. Hot hat

A hat, like a bright coloured fedora, is a great accessory, not just for hiding your salty beach hair but any kind of hair that falls short of a ‘good hair day.’ It’s also a great way to hide any redness or that terrible sunglasses tan you’re sporting after a few too many hours under the harsh rays!

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