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5 Of The Best Spring Reads

Reading is good for the mind and soul. It keeps your mind occupied and when it’s a really good book you fall into the characters’ world.

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Spring is here and it’s an ideal time forΒ a relaxing day of sitting by the pool or in your garden with a good book.Β Read more for my top 5 spring reads:

1. ‘First Rodeo’ by Judith Hennesey

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Romance in the country side then this is the book for you! Fall in love with single mother and workaholic Kate this spring. She always wants to please others and after a crisis at work, she flee’s to Prickly Pear Ranch in Wyoming with her son. She falls in love with a handsome and rugged bull rider, sigh!

This will be a light read and it will heat you up during the warm days. Cool yourself off in the pool and then carry on reading.

2. ‘In The Heart Of Texas’ by Ginger Mcknight-Chavers

Top 5, Books, Spring

A waitress from Texas who makes it big in Hollywood but she loses it all and returns back to her roots in Texas. This book is filled with pop culture, adult hood, inspiration and glamour.

This book will be a fun read and you will feel glamorous!

3. ‘The Regulars’ by Georgia Clark

Top 5, Books, Spring

Step into the world of three best friends who are in their 20s. To survive the corporate and dating world of Manhattan, they turn to a magic motion called Pretty. It transforms them into supermodel sexiness but there comes a price.

4. ‘The Witch House Of Persimmon Point’ by Suzanne Palmieri

Top 5, Books, Spring

Family secrets in the family home. Bryd Whalen returns to her family home and unearths the truth about her family and the secret dark family history.Β This book will send shivers down your spine but it will be perfect because it’s mysterious and filled with family drama!

5. ‘Magic’ by Danielle Steel

Top 5, books, Spring

Step into the magical world of Paris, Milan and India in this read. Experience the life of three couples on a summer evening at a event and how their lives change after that one night. This book will be magical, entertaining and inspiring!

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