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3 Ways To Wear Plaid

3 Ways To Wear Plaid

Plaid or flannel shirts are one of the most simplest and easiest things you can wear! Everyone has at least one flannel shirt hanging around in their wardrobe and it’s time to put it to some use.

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Plaid patterns are simple but so effective and can really make you look fabulous if worn right. Try mixing up your plaid shirt by wearing it one of these ways.

Tie it

It’s a huge trend right now to wear a flannel shirt tied up around your waist. The look is so relaxed and casual that anyone can pull it off. It’s great to wear in spring and summer because the flannel is there in case it gets cooler and you can throw it on. In winter it can add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Layer it

Layering a flannel shirt is perfect for the colder months! Flannels look really chic when layered under leather jackets or vests. Plaid adds an awesome pop of colour and shows a little bit of texture to an otherwise plain outfit.

Own it!

Lastly, if you’re going to wear plaid then you may as well own the look! Go bold and make plaid your statement piece by wearing it as a trouser or a skirt. This look isn’t one oftenย so it will really stand out in a great way. Plaid goes great with solid colours so don’t forget to match it with a plain top.

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