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3 Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

dirty hair hairdtyles

Did you know its not good for your hair if you wash it every day? Or sometimes we girls get lazy and leave our hair for a few days…either way, letting your hair get greasy can be pretty gross and that third or fourth day hair can be tricky to deal with! The solution to this is with some simple hairstyles.

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Here are 3 trendy ways to deal with dirty hair.

dirty hair hairdtyles

If you have a bit of time in the morning and still want your hair to have some personality then here is a way to bring the braided look to the next level!

Do two dutch braids down your head (if you can’t braid then this maybe isn’t the hairstyle for you). When you’re braiding take bigger chunks for hair so the braid looks messy and ‘effortless’.Keep the braid loose. Bring both braids down to the nape of your neck, here is where you bring the remaining hair together and make it into one large plait. Keep it loose! Tuck the plait under itself into a bun and tie it place with a hair tie.

dirty hair hairdtyles

This is a great hairstyle for long hair, the slicked back lower ponytail.

Brush your hair backwards with a paddle brush, making sure it all stays slicked back into place. Use hairspray to keep your hair locked in place, then tie it into a pony tail at the nape of your neck. Because your hair is already greasy it’ll blend in with the hairspray. To cover up the hair tie, take a strand of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the tie. Secure with a bobby pin and the hairstyle is done!

dirty hair hairdtyles

The last hairstyle is the easiest and great if you’re in a rush in the morning.

This slicked back look works perfectly for shorter hair. To keep your hair in place, take a paddle brush and brush it all backwards. Use hairspray to lock the hairstyle in place, then go back in with the paddle brush and brush the hair backwards again. Spray with hairspray all over to keep the hairstyle in place all day long!

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