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If you’re stuck for makeup inspo this Christmas I’ve got 3 awesome looks for you! Maybe you have some Christmas parties coming up and you want to look fab.

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holiday makeup looks

Maybe for Christmas Eve you want your eyes to sparkle brighter than the lights on a Christmas tree. Or maybe you want to go in the opposite direction and go for something super simple. I’m sure one of the following looks will tickle your Christmas fancy.


holiday makeup looks

If you want to go for something really glamorous this Christmas, go for a gold shimmer. There’s nothing that stands out more than sparkly gold eyelids.

Start off by applying a neutral eyeshadow colour (similar to your skin tone) in the crease of your eye, using swiping motions. Next, slowly add on the a darker shade (preferably a brown) and go on top of the neutral colour. Add some darkness in the outer crease of your eye, and continue adding untill you have it as dark as you like. The lid of your eye should be mostly bare of any colour. This is where you pack on your sparkly gold eyeshadow all over the lid, staying clear of the brown you’ve put down.

Finish off the look with some mascara and lipstick. Nude would look nice, or a red for an extra pop.


holiday makeup looks

A classic red Christmas colour is perfect for Christmas eve or Christmas day. Its super festive and is great to get in the holiday spirit.

Start off by applying a neutral colour all over your eyelid, as it makes blending other eyeshadows easier. Then take a darker shade, like a medium or light brown, and buff that into the crease of the eye. This makes the red look less harsh. Pack on whatever red eyeshadow you like onto your eyelid. With a clean brush buff out the edges so it looks less harsh. Finish off the eyes with some eyeliner to make the look extra glam.

For the rest of the face, neutral colours compliment the red eyelids. Light pink or nude lipsticks work perfectly, and add a nice peachy glow to the cheeks with some blush.


holiday makeup looks

If you’re not too good with makeup or feel like a more natural look for the festive season, go for simple eyeliner.

Apply a natural colour all over your eyelid. Add some colour into the crease for some defenition around the eye. When doing the eyeliner use whatever is easier for you, liquid or gel, and give a nice cat flick on the end.

You can add as much colour into the rest of your face as you like. Go for a bright lip and a nice pop of blush on your cheeks.

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