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‘Tis The Season For Christmas Campaigns

‘Tis the season to shop, write lists and experience the Christmas campaigns produced by some of the biggest brands in the world.Β 

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Now we’ve revealed Topshop’s Christmas campaign with the famous Cara Delevingne, it’s time to check out some other campaigns that have been circulating the internet as the holidays approach.

Romeo Beckham, blessed with his parents looked was picked up by Burberry in Spring/Summer 2013 to head their campaign. In their new advertisement for ChristmasΒ From London With Love, Romeo and 50 other dancers are impeccably dressed in classic Burberry scarves, trench coats and suits while they dance to Ed Harcourt’s ‘The Way That I Live’. Romeo embarks on his own modern moves, obviously inherited from his mum, and brings the magic of Christmas with a Burberry package. Check out the video below.

Mulberry have also released a Christmas video that is a little more on the humorous side, aimed at showing customers how to find their loved ones a winning gift. Apparently a hand painted portrait, an adorable puppy that waves and a unicorn are no match for a Mulberry handbag – we wouldn’t think so either. With the hashtag #WinChristmas at the forefront of their campaign, we can see this becoming a social media trend for the holidays.


Harrods’ Christmas campaign tells the story of white mice as Santa’s Helper’s and ‘The Land of Make Believe. Starring little Peter Pumperknickle, it shows that there are jobs for everyone to make Christmas magical. ‘The Land of Make Believe’ is available to explore at Harrods throughout Christmas time.


Coca Cola have our hearts all warmed with their ‘Make Someone Happy’ Christmas campaign. With beautiful gestures that we hope happen in real life, it brings out your generous side and really makes you smile.

Based on World War II, Sainsbury’s Christmas ad tells the story of the English and Germans coming together to celebrate Christmas during the war. It’s a bit of a tear jerker and let’s us know that Christmas is for sharing and not fighting.

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