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2 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

2 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

That special day is coming up. The day filled with chocolate hearts and flowers, warm and fuzzy feelings for our partners and loved ones.

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If you’ve got some special plans this Valentine’s Day, then I’ve got some makeup inspiration for you! Maybe you’re having a first date, or you’re having a romantic night out with your partner, maybe you’re single and going out with your friends for a fun night on the town!

Here are some makeup looks great for any date this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Red

2 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

First we have a classic makeup look that is perfect for this special day. It extenuates our eyes and lips with winged eyeliner and a statement red lip.

Start off with your favourite foundation, a full coverage foundation would be perfect for this. Next add a little blush to your cheeks to give you a cute flush. Take some gel or liquid eyeliner and give yourself a bold wing with a flick. If you struggle with winged eyeliner, here is an easy way to do it.

Once you’re finished with the eyes its time for that red lip! Take your favourite red lipstick, preferably something dark or ‘true red’, and fill in your lips.

This makeup is super simple but effective. It would look great for a romantic night out.

Smokey Pink

2 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

Next is something a little more sultry with a soft pink lip.

Once again start out with your favourite foundation. Add a little bronzer to your cheeks and the perimeter of your face to define your features.

For the eyes, a smokey eyeshadow will enhance your eye colour. Start off with a light brown colour buffed into the crease of your eye. Use a fluffy brush. Once that’s blended out, go in with a darker brown eyeshadow and blend it into the out corner of your eye. Blend the colours out with a clean fluffy brush.

For the inner eyelid take a neutral eyeshadow, it can be another light brown or a pink, and pack that colour in the inner half of your eyelid. Blend everything together to get that smokey effect. To make your eyes pop, use a super light shimmer eyeshadow and dab a small amount right on the inner corner of your eyes.

For the lips go with a neutral colour, something with pink tones would look fabulous with this look.

And those are some sexy makeup looks that will help you look extra fab this Valentines Day!

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