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10 Style Resolutions For The New Year

10 Style Resolutions For The New Year

It’s that time of the year once again and, as always, the addition of resolutions to the list is coming hard and fast. Yes, there is obviously waaaaaay more than 10 but here we’ve listed some of our favourites (that we can hopefully stick to) that will inspire and benefit our lives every day in 2014. 

1. Read all the magazines that are sent to us, subscribed to and bought on the way to work

Everyone has a growing pile of mags on the dining room table that continues to grow month-by-month and eventually leaves them having to eat their meals on the couch because there’s no room left on the table, right..?

2. Wash off all make-up before bed no matter how tired, drunk or lazy

It’s wrong but we all do it, even though there are make-up removing wipes in the bedside draw that would take 10 seconds to use. Sometimes it’s just too hard.

3. Take better care of our shoes

It’s remarkable that we can part with squillions of dollars to secure the purchase of an amazing pair of shoes yet we are yet to buy those clear boxes to keep them in when they’re not being worn, constantly forget to wipe the leather after a wear or scotchguard the suede before wear, and we never, ever change the little grips on the base of the stiletto – like we should.

4. Take more photos – and get them printed

It’s seems like we don’t really take photos for pleasure anymore. We take them to make people jealous of our holidays on Facebook or to show off new buys on Instagram but what we really should be doing is taking photos of our loved ones and of special events to display around our homes so we can remember those people and places everyday.

5. Book that overseas holiday

Stop procrastinating. See the world. Travelling puts everything into perspective and there’s never a better time than right now to book a trip. Even if you have to pay it off, it gives you something to look forward to throughout the year and there are so many options, from luxury, high-end travel to backpacking. Start look into it because planning is half the fun!

6. Buy a diary – and use it

Everyone is uber-busy. All. The. Time. We know. We get it. But that’s no excuse to be flaky. So, you got sidetracked on Twitter and missed your neighbour’s engagement party? Not good enough. So this year, if we say we’re gonna be somewhere, we’ll be there. It’s common courtesy and good manners. But the diary makes all the difference because that way we won’t be double/triple/quadrupled booked.

7. Update your bedding

Just because you’ve had that pillow since you moved out of home 10 years ago or your doona is the one your nan gave you on your 15th birthday (great pressie by the way, thanks nan), does not mean it needs to live in your room forever. It’s amazing how a set of new bed linen can totally transform your bedroom and, surprisingly, even help you get a much better night’s sleep.

8. Clean those make-up brushes

You know why. They collect oil and grime from your face every single day. It’s a tedious task but, trust me, your T-zone will thank you.

9. Conduct a wardrobe edit

If you haven’t worn it for a year, it has to go. Obvious exceptions are designer/expensive dresses, basics that will come back into fashion and things you’d like to hand down to your daughter. But be selective. It’s cathartic and you’ll get a kick out of doing something kind when you go and drop off your cast-offs at the local Vinnies.

10.  Embrace style rather than trends

Work on creating a style that works for you instead of what everyone else is wearing. Just because Cara Delevingne can pull it off doesn’t mean you can. A sense of individual style is important in creating the person you want to be so start the journey.

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