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10 Great Reasons To Exercise More

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Winter is definitely coming and with cold weather comes neglected workout routines.Β But you shouldn’t pass up that morning jog or yoga session because exercise has so many benefits! So here’s a little motivation to invest in some awesome winter workout wear and get the to gym.

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Weight loss

Obviously the main reason why lots of people exercise is to lose weight. Exercise burns calories and help you maintain a healthy weight level. You’ll be able to rock that bikini or pair of skinny jeans with your tight and toned body.

Better sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Regular exercise is proven to help you get a better sleep. Not only does it regulate breathing, but it is a stress buster and it tires you out so you sleep more soundly.

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Exercise makes you happy. Remember in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods says, “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!” Well Elle Woods was onto something because when you exercise, the brain releases endorphins, giving you a natural high and making you happy for hours after you step out of those Lululemon leggings. Exercise also makes you more body confident and you’ll feel fitter and healthier.

Healthy insides

When you exercise regularly, you are less likely to develop lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes 2 and heart disease and it reduces the risk of arthritis. It also burns fat and builds muscle to keep you healthy and less likely to injure yourself by accident.

More energy

Ever wonder how those people keep going all day without coffee? Their secret is exercising. While many people think that exercise will tire them out so they can’t finish their day, regular exercise actually makes you more energetic.

Improved sex life

Not only will you feel more body confident inside your clothes, you’ll feel more confident with them off too. Regular exercise improves your sex life and your sexual arousal. Nothing like exercise to keep a healthy relationship!

Less sickness

People who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick and take days off work. There is a fifty per cent higher chance of catching a cold if you don’t exercise; people who do exercise regularly have healthier immune systems.

Better skin

Regular exercise also makes skin healthier and clearer, reducing blemishes and giving a healthy glow from increased blood flow #nofilter

Reduces PMS

Exercise helps reduce symptoms of PMS. Cramps and mood fluctuations are less severe in women who exercise regularly.

Longer life

It has been found that regular exercise can help you live longer and be fabulous (okay maybe not the second part). But by exercising regularly and getting the most out of life, why wouldn’t you be fabulous. Plus, that’s more time to look amazing in your favourite outfits.

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