Trend Talk: Pink and Red? Together?! Yep!

Pink and red. Rose and maroon. Salmon and Crimson. The pairing has long been banned from seeing each other (by their strict parents, probably) but they have snuck out of

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Nude Makeup Without Looking Naked

It’s been seen on the runway in New York, London, Paris and Milan and now it’s time to add it to your makeup to do list. Nude makeup is trending

How To Look Great After A Long Flight

How To: Look Great After A Long Flight

Stepping off the plane or out of the airport looking fabulous gives you a wonderful feeling of superiority over those who have neglected to fix themselves up after a long

Feeling sad about not knowing what to do

How To Cure Boredom

Everyone gets bored now and then. We sit and wonder what to do and if it'll be enjoyable. We all struggle with it but don't despair there's many fun activities


spring, fitness, spring clean, exercise, nutrition, season of change

Kickstart Your Spring Clean

We might still be in the thick of winter but, trust me, it'll be spring before we know it ... so to help us prepare for the season ahead, we


Trend Talk: Pink and Red? Together?! Yep!

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Trend Talk: Do’s and Don’ts Of Layering

The wardrobe transition from summer to autumn can be plagued by crazy and unpredictable weather. One of the best ways to stay warm and prepare for whatever mother nature throws

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Trend Talk: Why We Love Boyfriend Jeans

Probably one of the best 'light bulb moments' in fashion history, the slashed-up boyfriend jeans is the latest epidemic in Hollywood.  160

Are skinny-leg pants over?

Trend Talk: Are Skinny-Leg Pants Over?

We love them. We have dozens of pairs of them – denim, track, silk, leather... But it might to time to fold away those cigarette leg pants and jeans that we